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Inspirational Thoughts

Life Is More Important Than The Things We Possess

Posted by Bible Way on with 1 Comments

"Life Is More Important Than The Things We Possess"

Luke 12:13-21 (NIV)


We live in a society where unfortunately, too many people have the mindset that the more they possess the happier they will be. There are no shortages of things people will do just to possess things that they barely can afford, or really do not need.


Gertrude McCoy July 10, 2016 11:08am

Yes it is true, far too many in Society equate money with godly acceptance; many live a life acquiring wealth and earthly treasures, they die leaving all their valuables for others to enjoy. Just ask my Cousin Rachelle (dies Friday), Prince, My Uncle(who massed much riches before his death), Michael Jackson, J F Kennedy, David Bowie, Left Eye, Mahammad Ali, I think you get the Picture; they left this earth and all they their worldly possessions and riches is still here. It's more important what you do to win Souls for Christ not for Wall-Street, Wells Fargo, J P Morgan Chase, and Bank of America.