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"The Cost Of An Unforgiving Spirit"

Posted by Bible Way on with 1 Comments

"The Cost Of An Unforgiving Spirit"
It is said that an unforgiving spirit is a lethal weapon used by the adversary to negatively impact our mind, body and soul.

Too many of us have been burdened by this spirit, which so often prevents us  from being all that God has designed for us to be.


Spalvera@gmail.com August 11, 2016 12:59pm

I sat in service and heard this sermon. God was preaching to me. I believe I forgive, but can't forget. I am not a vindictive person because I believe when God says that revenge is his; however, I'm finding myself wanting and waiting to see those who has continually done me wrong pay for the lies, cheating, hurt, and usury...I NEED prayer with this.