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Inspirational Thoughts

With God, Nothing Is Impossible

Posted by Bible Way on

He then told me to say: Dry bones, listen to what the LORD is saying to you, "I, the LORD God, will put breath in you, and once again you will live. Ezekiel 37:4-5 (CEV)

 With God, Nothing Is Impossible

As believers, we know from Ezekiel's prophesy that God has the miraculous power to breathe life into that which is dead. With God, everything is possible. As spirit-filled believers, we must not become discouraged, rather we should cling to the promises we have been given through the prophetic Word.
As faithwalkers, we know the supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit upon us gives each of us a new life... a life of love, hope and worship. We know God as Lord and Savior - whose power and purpose permits us to be.
Can these bones live? Yes, dry bones can live again. With God, nothing is impossible.