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Worship & Arts

Worship & Arts Ministry 

The mission of the Worship & Arts Ministry is to provide a corporate worship experience in which God is glorified and His people are edified. The W&A divisions works as a team to make each service a true worship experience where God is the focus and the congregation is inspired and uplifted.

Over 350 volunteers comprise this ministry and work tirelessly to ensure that our praise is offered with excellence and sincerity, all with the aim of presenting an acceptable praise that reaches and pleases God. Please scroll through our page and learn more about the various W&A division and be sure to listen and be inspired by the recordings we have produced. To learn more about any of the W&A divisions please call 803.647.0068.

Arts in Motion Institute (AIM)

AIM was created to provide a medium through which our youth can be trained in the arts utilized in our worship services. Reasonably priced classes in dance are offered during the school year.

Dream Team Band

Our band embraces the sentiment captured in Psalm 33:3 and Psalm 150 through their skillful and joyful praise on the instruments.  The band recorded a CD in 2011 that is sure to inspire and bless each listener.  Anthony Flowers serves as music director for the 10 member band, most of whom are noted musicians throughout the southeast. Our band practices twice each week to master the 10+ songs rendered during the weekly services. 


BWCAR is blessed to have seven functioning choirs with membership for all ages.

  • The Bishop’s Choir – combined adult choir which serves on first Sundays. This choir is directed by Elder Thomas Williams.
  • Manifested Praise – serves on second Sundays (adults).  This choir is directed by Walter Jones, Jr.
  • The Sanctuary Choir – serves on third Sundays (older adults). 
  • Chosen Generation – serves on fourth Sundays (young adults and college students). This choir is directed by Kristen Williams.
  • ACJ Singers – serves on second Sundays in children’s services and third Sundays at The Wire.  This choir is directed by Chavelle Barboza.
  • Women’s Choir – serves during Women’s Month, alternating 5th Sundays and for various engagements supporting Lady Jackson.  This choir is directed by Senior Elder Sallie Cuff.
  • Men’s choir – serves during Men’s month, alternating 5th Sundays and at various church engagements.  This choir is directed by Elder Thomas Williams.


Divine Praise is a group of gifted dancers, ages 18 and older, who have devoted their craft to the glory of God.  They have been blessed to worship not only at Bible Way but have also ministered throughout the Columbia area and beyond.  Divine Praise is led by Ms. Jamie Ruffin. 


The Messengers are a group of thespians who have embraced drama as a means of spreading the good news.  Some of their productions have included James Baldwin’s AMEN CORNER, THE PRODIGAL and many short skits.  Mrs. Annette Davidson serves as president of the drama team.  


Our media team consists of sound technicians, camera operators, and video technicians who strive to ensure that our live audience, internet audience, overflow audience and radio audience can all share in the vibrant worship services at Bible Way.  This group of dedicated individuals also provides hundreds of gratis CD and DVD products that are provided for volunteers and are available to the general public for sale. Deacon Roderick Jackson is the media director.


Our Mime Ministry consists of adults and children who minister through creative expressions of dramatized pantomime.  Willie Davis leads this ministry. 

Sign Language

Talking Hands ministers each week to congregants at Bible Way with hearing impairments.  This vital service ensures that the worship experience is inclusive and reaches individuals who would otherwise be left out. The accuracy and passion with which they translate all components of the service is a marvel to behold. Mrs. Joy Faust is the president of this ministry. 

Worship Team

This group of anointed minstrels opens each service with songs of praise and worship. The team provides all of the music at the 8 am service on Sundays and at the mid-week service on Tuesdays.

Min. Frances Williams and Elder Bill Loyd serve as worship leaders but the remainder of the team is equally instrumental in the corporate worship experience.

Our Youth Praise Team and Youth Choir, led by Kristen Williams, serves at the youth service, The Wire, each 2nd and 3rd Sunday.  Our Young Adult team, led by D’Nar Young, serves on 4th Sundays in the Worship Center.