Beware of the Process (Audio)
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Supernatural Favor
Sermon Series: BEWARE
Sermon Four: “Beware of the Process”
Genesis 50:19-20 (NLT)
Throughout this “Beware” series, we have talked about how people of faith who desire God’s favor must beware of people and things that are used by the adversary to distract us from God’s plan for our lives. In our first message, Beware of Haters, we were warned about those who can never celebrate the blessings in someone else’s life.
In our second message, Beware of Seducers, we warned about the people and things in our lives that the enemy uses to try and convince us to go against our godly principles. 
In our third message, Beware of Users, we warned about people we call users -ungrateful people that use others for their own selfish purpose. 
In the final message of this series, Beware of the Process,  we will discuss how we, as people of faith, need to be mindful that the process is never easy, and in fact can be very difficult and painful; but, in the end, if we keep the faith, it all works out for our good.
Pastor Rick Warren is quoted as saying:
      “Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons 
      of ups and downs. It is a journey of discovery; there are moments 
      on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.”
When asked about the fight for civil rights in light of her husband’s tragic death, Mrs. Coretta Scott King is quoted as saying:
   “Struggle is a never ending process”.