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Inspirational Thoughts

The Least Of These

Posted by Bible Way on

"The Least Of These" Matthew 25:41-46 (NLT) There are some people who will do almost anything to get close to, or to establish a relationship with those considered to be "VIPs" (Very Important People).   The world needs people who...

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Posted by Darrell Jackson, Sr. on

Perhaps we have all heard the expression that we should live for the moment and not stress out over what is to come. Unfortunately, too many of us have become focused on the "here and now", while rejecting the fact that this life is not the end. 

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"The Cost Of An Unforgiving Spirit"


Posted by Bible Way on

"The Cost Of An Unforgiving Spirit" Matthew 18: 23-35 (NIV) It is said that an unforgiving spirit is a lethal weapon used by the adversary to negatively impact our mind, body and soul. Too many of us have been burdened by this spirit, which so...

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