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WIRED Teen Ministry

WIRED Teen Ministry strives to effect real change in the lives of teens that are in middle and high school by providing opportunities for participation in education, training, and activities that will empower them to continually live victorious Christian lives.

WIRED Teen Ministry - Primary goals are:

  • To connect teens with the church by providing their family with a welcome and introductory packet from WIRED Youth Ministry.
  • To provide opportunities for teens to discover and present their talents and skills with confidence.
  • To plan and conduct supervised activities and training that will provide opportunities to enhance or create spiritual, personal, social, and recreational development
  • To provide opportunities for teens to participate in community service projects as well as outreach and evangelism efforts
  • To provide opportunities for parental involvement through parent education, training, volunteerism, and information sharing

Ministries Components WIRED Teen Ministry:

Generation NOW

Generation NOW is a ministry that develops young men ages 9-19 to know the teachings and love of Jesus Christ. Mentors are partnered with young men to help them become better men that live for Christ. This ministry consists of monthly meetings, field trips, outreach activities and more. 


The Visionaries Ministry seeks to help young women ages 9-19 appreciate their unique personalities by encouraging them to establish a strong foundation for growth through the love of God’s Word. Mentoring is also a part of the experience the young women receive while working with Visionaries. This ministry consists of monthly meetings, field trips, outreach activities and more.

Scholarship Ministry

The Scholarship Ministry provides scholarship participants a $1,000.00 scholarship in their first year of higher education. There are also educational classes and workshops that are held to help ensure a healthy start in the participant’s first year in higher education.

Teens Worship and Arts

The Teens Worship and Arts Ministry consists of our Teens Praise Team, Mime Ministry, and drama productions such as skits and plays. Our Teens Praise Team sets the atmosphere for worship during our Teens Services that are held in the Sanctuary every 2nd and 3rd Sunday. 

Teens Media Ministry

The Teens Media Ministry consists of sound engineering, production, video choreography, and camera operation. Teens work in various media components to enhance the audio-visual appeal of the services while gaining skills in media.

WIRED Teens' Schedule


2nd and 3rd Sundays at 11am


Ministry Leader's Contact

Youth/Teen Pastor - Elder Antione Jackson,  ,

Scholarship Ministry Leader - Elder Antione Jackson,  ,

Media Ministry Leaders - Minister Dr. Brandon Glover  and Minister Eric Cameron

Volunteers Coordinator - Kataya Dease,