Worship & Arts Ministry

The purpose of the Worship & Arts Ministry is to provide a corporate worship experience in which God is glorified and His people are edified. The W&A Ministry works as a team to make each service a true worship experience where God is the focus and the congregation is inspired and uplifted.

Leader: Regina Skeeters

The Worship & Arts Ministry’s goals are to know God, to love and to serve. We utilize our gifts in the area of performing arts to maximizing positive growth and to develop a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. Each week, we have an opportunity to change the world one life at a time.

Over 350 volunteers comprise this ministry and work tirelessly to ensure that our praise is offered with excellence and sincerity, all with the aim of presenting an acceptable praise that reaches and pleases God. Please scroll through our page and learn more about the various W&A components and be sure to listen and be inspired by the recordings we have produced. To learn more about any of the W&A components please call 803.647.0068.


Our band embraces the sentiment captured in Psalm 33:3 and Psalm 150 through their skillful and joyful praise on the instruments.


Bible Way is blessed to have several choirs with membership for all ages:

  • Third Sunday Choir – serves on third Sundays.
  • Chosen Generation – serves on fourth Sundays and is comprised of young adults and college students.
  • ACJ Singers – provides worship through praise dancing and sings on various Sundays for Children’s Church LIVE and WIRED Teen Ministry.
  • Women’s Choir – women come together to sing during Women’s Day.
  • Men’s choir – men come together to sing during Men’s Day.


Divine Praise is a group of gifted dancers, who have devoted their craft to the glory of God.


The Messengers are a group of thespians who have embraced drama as a means of spreading the good news.  Some of their productions have included James Baldwin’s AMEN CORNER, THE PRODIGAL and many short skits.


Our Mime Ministry consists of adults and children who minister through creative expressions of dramatized pantomime.


Talking Hands ministers each week to congregants at Bible Way with hearing impairments.  This vital service ensures that the worship experience is inclusive and reaches individuals who would otherwise be left out. The accuracy and passion with which they translate all components of the service is a marvel to behold.


This group of individuals’ primary function is to lead the congregation in worship under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. While Regina Skeeters serves as worship leader, the remainder of the team is equally instrumental in the corporate worship experience.