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"The Closed-Door Experience"

"The Closed-Door Experience"

Apr 23, 2017

Passage: John 20:26-29

Preacher: Pastor Darrell Jackson

Series: To Resurrection and Beyond


To Resurrection and Beyond Sermon 5: "The Closed-Door Experience" John 20:26-29 (NIV) We have all had moments in our lives when our faith was not as strong as it should have been...times when we found ourselves doubting the very things that once served as the cornerstones of our relationship with the Lord. It is important for us to understand that doubt is part of the human experience; just because we have experienced some level of doubt does not mean that we have no faith. Doubt is part of the faith process. As we overcome our doubt, our faith grows stronger! In fact, there is a powerful quote by the early church patriarch, St. Augustine, that says: "Doubt is not the opposite of faith; it is an element of our faith". We should not embrace or celebrate doubt, but realize it will occur, regardless of how saved we may think we are. Although we all have our "doubting Thomas" moments, the good news is that the Lord will never give up on us. He will meet us wherever are; yes, even behind closed doors.