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The Soil Does Matter

The Soil Does Matter

Jul 10, 2016

Passage: Mark 4:3-9

Preacher: Pastor Darrell Jackson

Series: A Right Now Word


The Parable of the Sower illustrates a lesson with a warning and a description of Christian truth. The Seed represents the Word of God as sown by God through "those who carry" the Word. Everyone with ears to hear the Word will not receive it in a meaningful or useful way. Seeds sown along the roadside will not grow; Satan takes what is sown. Seeds sown among the rocks (hearers of the Word) but have no real roots do not last. Seeds sown among thorn bushes represent those who hear the Word, but allow the worries and the abundance of this world - ambition, glamour, riches - to claim what has been heard. But, when the message is sown on fertile soil, good words and works are produced through Jesus Christ. Glory to God! The Soil Does Matter!